Learning Support

This page tells you about the different ways that Epping Forest College supports you through your studies. The College recognises that you have the same rights of access to education and training, and it’s the College’s aim to provide access for all.

When you start at college
All students have an induction to the College, its facilities and resources. You will also have a course induction from your course tutor. There’s also a ‘New Students Parents’ Evening’ where tutors introduce themselves and discuss the College and course with parents of full-time students.

Additional Learning Support (ALS)
The Additional Learning Support (ALS) Centre specialises in getting you the help you need to pass your course and progress. The College welcomes learners
 with learning difficulties, disabilities and medical conditions. To make sure that you get the support you need, please tick the appropriate boxes on your application form that highlight your individual learning or physical needs. This helps the ALS Centre to plan ahead and suport you as quickly as possible when you join the College. Alternatively, speak to your course tutor about your learning needs and the ALS Centre will arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements. The ALS Centre can help with:

  • communication support if your hearing is impaired, including British Sign language (BSL) support
  • support for the visually impaired
  • equipment and specialist aids to meet individual needs
  • dyslexia assessment and support
  • literacy, language and numeracy support in the classroom
  • support in examinations
  • mobility assistance
  • mental health (anxiety) support

If you need learning support, please call the ALS Centre on 020 8502 8604 / 020 8502 8607.

TLC Counselling Service

Epping Forest College offer Counselling Service to students who need help in their emotional and social difficulties and wellbeing issues.
We are committed to supporting students to work things out for themselves, making decisions and choices and helping students to look at things differently.

To find out more about TLC Counselling service;

  • call ALS Centre on 020 8502 8604 / 020 8502 8607

If a student is in need of support from our external counselling team, student will need to complete the online referral form.
Please see referral process below.

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