Posted on Thu, February 09, 2017

Safe Internet Day 2017 – Be the Change; Unite for a Better Internet


Safe Internet Day 2017 was celebrated on Tuesday 7th February at EFC. It is an annual event, which raises awareness of good online practice with the purpose of empowering learners to be creative, confident and resilient using online and digital technology.

This year at EFC, we focused on two key stages during the event: Creativity of Digital Technology was featured and exhibited in the Reception Area of the college and ‘Makey Makey’ workshops were held for the students in the Learning Lounge.

Exhibitions in Reception

Balloons (each balloon to represent a social media) Social media are about socialising having a good time and sharing moments, ideas, events, picture.
Each balloon represents a social medium reflecting current socialising culture.

Various interactive Games built with Makey-Makey, an electronic invention tool and toy that allows users to connect everyday objects to computer programs, attracted great interest from individual/groups of learners who tried the computer games which had been connected to flowers, aluminium balloons, plastic toys and staircases making them into interactive touchpad devices.

The Odyssey Travel Staircase; the start of our digital journey
Plants and flowers symbolise the natural world the earth and its culture
Plants and flowers symbolise the natural world the earth and its culture

Makey Makey workshops run by the College’s e-support staff were held throughout the day in the Learning Lounge. Students attending the workshops worked in groups creating digital games consoles using play-dough, alligator clips, and usb cables connected to Laptops.

It was a great opportunity to build digital skills and raise awareness of Safe Internet in a fun, creative and collaborative way.

Vikki Liogier, Head of Digital Literacy, Voice & Innovation, commented on the event:

“I would like to thank the Digital Literacy Voice and Innovation Team with our DVX students: Alison, Axel, Blake, Brad, Bradley, Carole, Claire, Deividas, Gwen, Jacqui, Jake, Jean, Jennifer, Kristian, Luke, Summer and Zac who not only contributed to the event concept and organisation, but also researched, tested, collected and produced images, sounds, artwork, quiz and displays as well as developed and delivered Makey Makey workshops with Kahoot games.”

“It was a very successful event and a good demonstration of how working together can make a difference.”

“I would like to express special thanks to those who made it happen.”

“Post event data and captures will follow. in the meantime you can check the online photos taken on our Photo Booth… a lot of happiness and positive energy:

Fascinating to see how the groups get larger throughout the day… smile