Posted on Mon, March 27, 2017

Epping Forest MP Eleanor Laing “most impressed” with Epping Forest College plans


(left to right) Chairman of the Board of Governors at Epping Forest College Gagan Mohindra, county councillor Valerie Metcalfe, Epping Forest College Principal Saboohi Famili, Epping Forest MP Eleanor Laing and Deputy Principal Phil Hall

Epping Forest MP Eleanor Laing is “most impressed” with the plans in place for Epping Forest College.

Mrs Laing was given a tour of the facilities when she met Principal Saboohi Famili, Deputy Principal Phil Hall and new Chairman of the Board of Governors Gagan Mohindra.

Mrs Laing, and county councillor Valerie Metcalfe, were shown around the Borders Lane site, including its workshop for motor mechanic students and the facilities for bricklaying courses.

Mrs Laing said: “It was a great pleasure to meet the new Principal of Epping Forest College and I am most impressed with the plans that she and her colleagues and governors have for developing the college over the next few years.

“I have watched the college change and adapt over many years and I fully appreciate the challenges that it now faces.

“There are several ways in which our local community can help and support the college – and the college can help and support the local community.

“I look forward to seeing these connections develop to the benefit of everyone.”

Mrs Laing added: “The work being done today by the ‘Enterprise Academy’ is brilliant. I could see the enthusiasm the students have for the new ideas they are learning about - and that is the vital spark for their entrepreneurial futures.”

College Principal Saboohi Famili said: “We were delighted to welcome Eleanor Laing MP to Epping Forest College.

“The college is committed and strives to address the issues that were highlighted in our recent Ofsted report and we were delighted to be able to showcase how swiftly and decisively we have begun our journey to excellence.

“The support of our community, businesses and the public is instrumental in ensuring the college’s success for the future.

“We strongly believe that young peoples’ ability to experience entrepreneurship and enterprise and our four planned enterprise days will offer our learners this valuable experience.

“I am delighted that our efforts were recognised by our MP.”

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