Posted on Tue, November 21, 2017

Forest Biz - Join our academies!

Gaining qualifications is really important even in the professional world, but sometimes it can be difficult to fit traditional study into your life. Forest Biz courses are designed with a new approach to learning, and are intended for people who want the benefit of learning, but have decided traditional study is not for them. Our commitment lies precisely in bringing learning that is relevant and work focused.

The new Forest Biz Short Course Programme is broken down into 6 academies where you can find courses on a range of topics to help you grow as an individual, employee or employer.

The 6 ‘Academies’ include:

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Organisational Development
  • Core Skills
  • Personal Growth
  • Entrepreneurial

As the titles suggest, each contains a number of courses all dedicated to delivering specials knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to that Academy heading. You can of course, choose any course, from any Academy. However, if anyone attends all the courses in any of the Academies, they will be given an Academy Certificate, and a £200 voucher to spend on any other course programme, or other EFC facility.

To find out more about the courses available head over to the Forest Biz website!